Thursday, June 30, 2011

First of Many...I am sure!!!

Hunter got in trouble at Rata's today, which isn't really anything new. Poor Rata had a rough last day before her 4th of July vacation. The kids went out with a bang! In this instance all the kids were in trouble! Apparently there was a food fight with lettuce! Needless to say all the kids lost, because they were in T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Their punishment, They had to write, "I will listen."

 Here's Hunter's attempt! Rata got him started on the first line.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Craft Itch!

I've got an itch to do something crafty and I need to scratch it! I can't wait until we build up on our house and I have my craft room. There are so many things that I want to start making. Here are a few...

I love these shirts from Paperlili! I want to find out how to make them! These would make great personalized gifts!

My MOM Rocks Tank or tee
Name and Cupcake Tee or Tank

I also want to learn how to applique! AKA: Making cute designs and sewing them on children's clothes. I would love to make a lot of these and sell them at local craft shows or on ETSY!

Brown Argyle  Tie Onesie

Boy's Tractor Bubble Romper - NB, 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 2T

Baby girl, toddler onesie with lime green polka dot and striped cupcake applique personalized with initial name in sizes newborn, 3m 6m 9m 12m or a plain white onesie or shirt sizes 12m 18m 24m 3T 4T 5T 6 7 8 10 12 14 16

Plus, making a variety of signs.
7x22 Personalized Family Name hand painted wood sign

OLIVER Personalized first name letter sign includes 6 wooden peg shelf painted Light Green & Brown.  Custom order for your childs' bedroom.

Listing for a 12" x 24" Sign - Custom Family House Rules and Engraved Typography Art - Great Gift or Decoration for any Home

Plus anything to do with fabric...
Oakley..Carseat Canopy..Carseat Tent..Carseat Cover..Keep your precious baby warm and germ free in style...Also A Great Nursing Cover

Personalized Applique Tie Bib, Burb Cloth, And Body Suit Gift Set

Chenille or Minky Name Pillow  Made to Match  Bedding

Personalized Pillow - Girl or Boy - Pillow Cover ONLY

And defiantly get more use out of my Cricut!
PRINTABLE FAVOR TAGS - Lollipop Party Collection - The TomKat Studio

Printable Owl Favor/Treat Bag Toppers- Owl Birthday Party Collection

Just a Note Handmade one get one half off sale on cards

Eat Your Heart Out, America's Got Talent!

Cupcake + Americana = Happy Me!

 Check out what my super awesome sister-in-law Kelly picked me up at Kohls!!! Not only is the cookie jar in the shape of a cupcake (which if you don't remember - I am obsessed with) it is also Americana themed, thus matching my kitchen decor! Love It!!!

Then my super awesome co-worker Tammy (who is just as obsessed with cupcakes as I am) bought me this hand towel!

So Happy Right Now!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap and Week Ahead!

Friday: Was our 5 year Anniversary!!! So Me, Andy and Hunter took a trip to Columbia for some HuHots! It was amazing as usual! Hunter ate a lot! Afterwards we went to Andy's frozen Custard. I enjoyed an Oreo Concrete, Andy had a Blackberry Concrete and I Hunter inhaled a strawberry Italian Ice!

He ate the whole thing!!! He wouldn't give it up! He finally fell asleep shortly before we got home. When we tried to get him out of his car seat, he had a death grip on the Italian Ice.
My handsome husband of 5 Years!!!!

Saturday: I had to work that morning. Afterwards, I met Andy and my cousin Sean on the Gasconade River. We had a great time. The weather was perfect (after the big thunderstorm that came thru). We stayed on the river for quite awhile. Andy and I then went and picked Hunter up at Shanda's. I don't know what it is about the river, but I was exhausted. That night, I stayed home with Hunter and Andy went with Sean to some friend's bachelor/bachelorette party at the Pub. The river exhaustion must have got to them as well, because they were home shortly after 11pm.

Sunday: We cleaned the house, baked a cake and took advantage of the free HBO on Dish Network. After Hunter got up from his nap we went to Donnie and Shanda's. I tried to get Hunter in the pool, but he wouldn't have it! He just liked to squirt the water gun at people, but god-forbid someone shoot it at him! DRAMA!!! We ate BBQ with corn on the cob! AMAZING!!! We then went home and gave Hunter a bath and put him to bed. Then Andy and I watched Gulliver's Travels.

Week Ahead:

Monday: I have a funeral visitation for my great aunt.

Friday Night: Fireworks in Freeburg

Saturday: Debating on taking Hunter to a movie in the movie theater. I believe we will try the Ramada theater since it is cheap, because if Hunter doesn't cooperate then we won't be out a whole lot of money!

Sunday: 3rd of July Party at my Uncle Larry's Lake house.

Monday: Independence Day! No Work!! Spending time with Schwartze's at the Osage River.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"#2" Discussion Update!

I have received a lot of encouraging words since announcing Hunter's lack of desire to poop on the potty. Apparently it is pretty common, but yet no one really has an answer.

Days after my post we had an encouraging milestone! Hunter pooped on the pot! YAY!!! Unfortunately he didn't come and tell me he had to go, I am just aware of the signals. I was on my computer at the kitchen table when Hunter proceeded to crawl underneath it. I knew what what about to go down. I snatched Hunter up and busted thru the bathroom door (while Andy was taking a shower) and sat Hunter down on the toilet. He was to the point where there was no backing out. He finally did the deed! I jumped, clapped, cheered and celebrated in this joyous occasion. Hunter was finally rewarded with the bubbles that had been sitting on the back of the toilet just waiting for this moment! I was exciting to think that things were looking up!!!

The days following:
Friday: He pooped in his underwear
Saturday: He pooped in his underwear
Sunday: He pooped in his underwear
This isn't looking good
Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Nothing
Poor thing is holding it in.

Then there was today! I picked him up from daycare, where Rata had informed me that he still hadn't gone poop. After returning home, I knew to keep a look out because usually the longest he has gone with holding it has been two days...and we were on day 3. I once again was back on my computer when Hunter slithered right under the table...Here we go again! I crawled under after him and picked him up and ran to the bathroom and placed him on the toilet. I then began to cheer him on all while jumping up and down. "Come on Hunter, you can do it!!!"

And he did!!!

I screamed in excitement, sang a potty jingle from the Look Who's Talking movie, did a jig and high-fived my wide eyed toddler!

I then gave him some more bubbles! He then said he was done! So I let him down. He ran out of the room as I proceeded to flush the evidence town the toilet. I went to the living room to find Hunter and put his underwear and shorts back on him...but he wasn't there. Then I heard him in his room. I went to his room and this is what I found....Dum, Dum, Dum....

Ya, you see that right! 
 I can feel the gray hairs sprouting out of my head as we speak!!!

Two steps forward and 25 steps back!


I took the bubbles back!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap & Week Ahead!

Friday Evening: Hunter and I went to Argyle to play some volleyball. Well, I played volleyball as he played in the sand. Andy joined us later after cutting hay.

Saturday: I went on the float trip with some friends on the Gasconade River! We had a great time and the weather was wonderful but the water was COLD! We rented few canues and manage to stay afloat the whole trip! That evening we went to Kevin and Kelly's house for dinner. We were all exhausted from the float trip that we called it an early night. We went home and watched some movies. Sometime after 10pm, Shanda called to say we were in a tornado warning....So Andy and I went outside to look! According to the news, it was right on us!!! But we had no rain and no wind! Hmmm!!! There was thunder and lightning. So I am not quite sure what the warning was about!

Sunday: Father's Day!!! We went to the river all day with the Schwartze clan. And I probably pushed Hunter in the swing for 80% of the time we were there. That kid loves to swing. I'll be excited for the day for the day he learns to pump his feet and swing himself! It is a good arm workout!

Week Ahead:

Monday: Last Night of swim lessons!

Tuesday: I have a dentist appointment.

Thursday: Play date for Hunter and Aubrey

Friday: Me and Andy's 5 Year Wedding Anniversary! Hopefully a trip to HuHots!!!!

Saturday: I have to work that morning. Then that evening there is some friends bachelor/bachelorette party at the Pub in Argyle.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking Continued!

I am still in love with scrapbooking digitally! I thought I would post a couple more pages I have made.

This is the album I am ordering for Hunter from Creative Memories.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Recap and Week Ahead

Friday evening we bummed around the house, ate dinner and watched Whale Wars and Searching for Big Foot. I have to be honest, the Big Foot show freaked me out a little!!!

Saturday morning I had to work at the bank. Hunter was taking a nap so we missed our friend's wedding ceremony. After he got up we went to the wedding reception and dance. The bride, dresses, colors and decor were all beautiful!! It was VERY kid friendly. There was a table with bowls of candy! Yummy! There was also Bubbles, Sidewalk chalk, crayons and coloring books. So Hunter was well entertained while there. We later took Hunter to my Aunt and Uncle's house so Hunter could stay the night with thier girls while we went back to the dance. I had a good time! A really good time :) Ok, too good of time!

Sunday: We did a whole lot of nothing! We did manage to go down to the in-laws for dinner. But that was about it!

This week:

This is the final week of swim lessons. Hunter has been doing alot better!

Friday Evening: We are playing sand volleyball.

Saturday: Float trip on the Gasconade!

Sunday: FATHER'S DAY! We'll go to the Osage River with the Schwartze Family to celebrate!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tips and Advice Welcome...

Oh Hunter!!! My sweet little bull-headed Hunter!!!! Will NOT Poop in the toilet! I just can't wrap my head around it and it is about to drive me CRAZY! We have pretty much tried E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. He'll pee in the toilet like no ones business, but with poop he refuses!! He'll hide under the table, crawl under his bed or even hide in the closet to poop. So he knows what he is doing. I guess I just don't understand why? I know, I know...people tell me he'll do it when he is ready. But enough is enough, something has to give!

We try to make it very encouraging for him, not a scary but fun and exciting event. We've read books, provided privacy, offered bribes. Quit putting pull-ups on him because he seems to be more comfortable pooping in them. Anytime he poops in his pants, we dump out what we can into the toilet to emphasis that is where it belongs. I think some visual demonstration by Andy would be helpful...but Andy didn't like that idea. I've cruised the Internet for additional ideas. One new one I found (that I think I will try) is blowing bubbles while on the toilet. #1: Hunter LOVES bubbles and #2: you use your bottom muscles while blowing bubbles thus possibly causing him to poop? Talk about thinking outside the box!

Does anyone have any tips or ideas to help us across this bridge?

Wow, is this really what my blog has become of?

Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Swim Lessons: Day One

Tonight's swim lesson turned out about just how I expected...maybe a little better! When we first arrived (a house he has been to many times) he didn't want anything to do with the pool because he knew they had a swing set and knew where their toy truck and car stash was at. So the pool was the last thing on his mind. Once I finally got him within the gate of the pool he started to freak out a bit. I didn't want to force him to do anything because I didn't want him to be scared of the water. So we took things slowly. I got him to sit on a stool and watch as Aubrey swam around the pool with Ellie. Doesn't he look thrilled? Not so much!

I eventually set him at the edge of the pool with me and we kicked and splashed the water. He was beginning to warm up. Then he found a toy truck and car and liked to dip them in the water as well. Ellie then grabbed him up and took him in the water. He was a little hesitant at first, but with a truck in one hand and a car in the other...he felt safe!

He made laps around the pool kicking his little feet trying to make some big splashes. 
He was having enough fun that he didn't want to take turns with Aubrey. So as Aubrey swam her laps with Ellie, Hunter would sit a long the pool crying. At least he was crying because he wanted in and not because he didn't. I feel like we are getting somewhere.

Uh oh, he dropped the car. Who's gunna go get it?

Hunter ended the session by jumping into the pool into Ellie arms and going under water. He didn't hesitate at all when it came to jumping in, which I was completely surprised!

Afterwards he was a little pissed about the going under water thing, but he got over it pretty fast. Ellie was a trooper and handled him really well. Maybe tomorrow will be a little easier...cross your fingers!

Weekend Recap and Week Ahead

Friday after an exhausting day of work because of our customer appreciation BBQ, I went home and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Saturday: Hunter and I went and swam in Donnie and Shanda's pool for awhile before it got too hot outside. That evening we went to Kevin's 30th birthday party in Arygle. We played many games of volleyball. It was a lot of fun despite the heat and humidity.

Sunday: I woke up sore from playing volleyball the night before. We butchered chickens with the Schwartze family. Not exactly my favorite animal to butcher, the smell is pretty disgusting! We all then ate lunch. Hunter and I went home and packaged and froze our chickens. While Andy was cutting hay.

Why do the weekends go by so fast?

Week Ahead:

Hunter starts swim lessons this week. This could be interesting!?!?! While Hunter loves water and baths...he is not a huge fan of water getting in his face. I fear a tantrum may be in our future!

This weekend we have a friends wedding in Vienna and dance in Arygle.