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Happy Birthday Hunter!

I can’t believe my baby turned one today! He is no longer my baby, he is a little man. His birthday brings so many mixed emotions for me. I am ecstatic that we have made it a whole year and Hunter is happy and healthy, but I am sad that this day has come so fast and that I feel it went by like a blur. I love that I have been there for many of his “first” but sad to think that he has already experienced some of his “last”.

He has developed so much. When he was born he was under the growth chart but now he has exceeded that and is above the charts! I see so much of myself in him…especially his attitude. This may not be a good thing! He LOVES to be outdoors and usually throws himself when it is time to come back inside! He has started to push little trucks around the house and make motor sounds. He is all boy! He is crawling all over the place. He alternates between an army crawl and the traditional crawl. He walks all along furniture and even walks along with you if you hold his hand, but he hasn’t quite got the nerve to try it on his own yet. He will in time. He loves to eat and will eat anything! I don’t think there is anything he has tried that he doesn’t like, just like his daddy!

In the last year I have been transformed from a woman to a mother. A transformation that I feel went pretty smoothly and naturally. It makes me wonder what I did with all the free time I had before becoming a mother. Good Question!

When I woke Hunter up this morning I started singing him Happy Birthday…He looked at me like I was an idiot. But I didn’t care; I hugged him tighter and sang louder. Hunter was featured on KRCG this morning for his birthday and we plan and traveling to Cold Stone Creamery tonight to get his free birthday cake! Yummy!

Tomorrow we plan on celebrating his birthday with family and friends. I am anxious to see how he does with eating the cake. I am predicting that he only takes a couple bites and plays with the rest and then throws it on the floor. Any bets?

Here is a picture of Hunter and I this morning with our birthday hats on. The picture is terrible because I took it with my cell phone. Quite a difference from yesterday’s photo of us a year ago!

I will post pictures next week of this weekend’s festivities!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Year Ago Today!

You know I never posted about the events of Hunter’s arrival since it came so unexpected. So here you go.

One year ago today…..I was in complete denial! I was scheduled for my weekly doctor’s appt, but this one was different. I needed to have another ultrasound because at the last appointment I started measuring too small for my stage of pregnancy. I remember leaving work at noon that day telling everyone I would see them tomorrow. The appointment was so surreal at the time and I am so glad Andy took off of work to go with me. The ultrasound was taking place at the OB/GYN office, while in there the technician confirmed that I was 3 weeks smaller than I should be. They went to go call/contact my doctor who was on call over at the hospital to see what she thought. Before I knew it the technician and nurse came in to tell us we needed to immediately get to the hospital for a more invasive ultrasound. We didn’t know what was going on, but we did as they said. I was extremely glad at that point that Andy was there. I would have been a hysterical mess if he wasn’t there to calm me down.

We made it to the hospital to have another ultrasound done. There they were checking the umbilical cord and the flow of blood thru it. After seeing the results, they called my doctor to tell her. She then got on the phone with me and told me she wanted to go over everything with the radiologist before she made any decisions. She told us to stay in town and that she would call our cell phone. Andy and I headed to McDonald’s so I could get something to eat. Shortly after, the phone rang. It was my doctor telling me that my placenta is not functioning property and that I needed to report to the hospital for an induction. I was in complete shock!

I was excited and terrified all at the same time. I was excited to finally meet my baby but terrified that there may be something wrong with him. When we got to the hospital I got changed and was hooked up to all the monitors. I was already having regular contracts according to the monitors, so they decided to go ahead and put me straight on Potocin. This is where things got ruff; Hunter was not dealing well with the contractions. His heart rate kept dropping really low. Every time that would happen all of the nurses would come running in telling me to roll on my right side…then my left… and then get on all fours. Being on all fours seemed to be the position that Hunter tolerated most, while not very attactive his heart rate would always go back to normal. With Hunter’s heart rate dropping pretty often, the nurses and doctor kept warning of a c-section. No Thank You!

Later on that evening I decided I had enough of the contractions (plus they warned that if I didn’t have an epidural in and I had to have an emergency c-section then they would have to knock me out, as opposed to upping the epidural) I decided to get the epidural. It worked wonderfully…a little too well. I guess it relaxed my body so much that my heart rate dropped really low and they had to inject me with some other meds to get me back on track. After getting the epidural I took a much needed nap, and shortly after I was fully dilated and ready to push. During the contractions and pushing Hunter’s heart rate was dipping dangerously low that they called another doctor to be on call for a c-section and have a pedestrian on stand-by for Hunter. Within 15 minutes of me pushing and them pulling, Hunter was born! I was so excited to hear his cry! I didn’t get to hold him until about 30-40 minutes after he was born because they were evaluating and monitor him because of his eventful labor.

In the end he was born on 9/25/08 at 1:25am at a healthy 5lbs 7oz.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Way to go Ryan!

My brother works for Pepsi in Columbia. He is the mechanic that works on the trucks. A couple weekends ago Ryan attended a Pepsi truck driving contest at Worlds of Fun. He had to maneuver the delivery truck around multiple obstacle courses. Ryan decided to go because it was a free ticket into Worlds of Fun so what could it hurt? He Won!!! That’s right, he competed against guys who drive these pickup trucks everyday to make deliveries and he just works on him. He won $600. Plus, his boss was so proud of him that he told Ryan to go buy $500 worth of tools and charge it to Pepsi. There was another competition in St. Louis this weekend that Ryan was waiting for the results of to see if he would get to go to Nationals. For whatever reason, no one was able to compete so Ryan automatically gets to go to the National competition in Chicago, all expenses paid!!! How awesome is that! If he wins there he will get $5,000!!!! I am so proud of him!

Weekend Recap!

Friday: Kelly and Aubrey came over for awhile while Andy was out hunting.

Saturday: Mom watched Hunter while I worked at the bank until noon. Then after picking him back up we ran home to change clothes for a wedding. The wedding we went to was of one of my friends from Jeff City was getting married in St. Martin’s. Nicole made such a beautiful bride. Hunter was wound-tight during the ceremony. He wanted down to crawl around, not to mention he was babbling at the top of his lungs. I finally had to take him to the entry way of the church so he could crawl around that was until he started hollering again so we ended up going outside until the wedding was over. It was so great to see all of my friends from Jeff City that I haven’t seen in years! I attempted to stay around at the reception until the wedding couple arrived after their pictures, but Hunter was long over due for a nap and he was letting everyone know it.

On our way home we stopped off at Wal-Mart to order Hunter’s birthday cake. I know…I can’t believe my baby is going to be a year old on Friday! *Tear* We got back home and headed back to my Mom’s to see my brother who was in town. He wanted to give Hunter his birthday presents since he was going to be out of town next weekend. He gave him an Elmo puppet book and a Snoopy motorcycle statue. Ryan is committed to making Hunter a biker!

Afterwards, I dropped Hunter off with Shanda so that I could go to a birthday party in Argyle and play volleyball. It was such a fun time. After a few hours my body was still willing to play but my arm were saying no. It came to the point where every time the ball would hit me it was nothing but a stinging pain. It sounded like everyone else was feeling the same way.

Andy had a busy day as well. He went hunting that morning, and then he headed to Cuba to go fishing with some of his family. On his way back he got pulled over in St. James while he was talking to me of the phone..oppps! But he didn’t get a ticket. He got back to Vienna just in time to meet some guys and go to a bachelor party in Dixon. So needless to say, Andy and I didn’t see much of each other this weekend. There was too much going on and we were being pulled in two different directions and we still didn’t make it to everything that was going on this weekend.

Sunday, all I wanted to do was rest! I tried to do some cleaning to prepare for Hunter’s birthday party, but he was making that impossible. Hunter was in such a crabby mood, but I think I know why now. He got another tooth in and the other one is about to come through. With as much time as Hunter and I had spent together this weekend, we were both tired of each other and was excited when Andy finally came home to give us both a break!