Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap and Week Ahead

I know...I know....Bad Blogger!!! Bad, Bad, Bad Blogger!

Friday Evening we went to my nephews 5th birthday party.

Saturday: I had to work that morning at the bank. Afterwards I headed to my cousin Becca's baby shower. After the shower I headed home to get my boys! We took Hunter to my mom's house so Andy and I could go to a friend's wedding reception! We had a great time catching up with some friends we had not seen in awhile. Good Times!!

Sunday: I ran to the grocery store and then went and pick Hunter up. While Andy was cutting hay I scrambled to get everything together for the river. We went to the river for Andy's cousin's graduation party. Hunter was cranky as could be for his lack of a nap! So we didn't last down there as long as we could have. Boys will be Boys!

Monday: I cleaned and I cleaned and I cleaned! It was long over due! I was pretty productive for a day off of work. Hunter and I spent a lot of time outside in the morning before the blazing heat kicked in.

Week Ahead: Unfortunately, we had a couple deaths over the weekend. My brother's Dad died on Friday and my Uncle Henry died on Saturday.

Tuesday: Visitation for my brother's Dad

Wednesday: Visitation for my uncle Henry.

Thursday: Funeral for my uncle Henry

Friday: Customer Appreciation BBQ at the bank in Vienna.

Saturday: 30th Birthday Party for my Bro-In-Law Kevin!

Sunday: Hopefully a day of rest :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

No More Soda!

Ok, I am attempting to quit drinking soda! It has been two weeks and two days since I had my last sip of Mountain Dew! Oh, how I LOVE Mountain Dew...especially a fountain Mountain Dew! I am salivating just thinking about it! Anyway, I have done really well! I think I am past the withdrawal phase, yay!

My substitute for soda has been Crystal Light Peach Tea! It is really good!!! I have a hard time just drinking water. The only time water is really good to me is after a workout! This has been a really good substitute for my soda fix!
I don't anticipate never drinking a soda ever again. That is just unrealistic. I just want to be at the stage where I don't CRAVE it! I think I have made it to this point just after two weeks, but I don't want to fall off the wagon yet. I am pretty proud of myself right now! Hopefully the change will start to reflect on the scale as well and some extra money in my pocket :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Exciting Day of Work in Rolla!

So yesterday I went to work in Rolla, when shortly after we were instructed to go on lock down because a mad man was on the loose in town. Apparently he broke thru the barriers at Fort Leonard Wood and then the police chased him off base and then to Rolla. Guns shots were fired and he got away but was finally captured just before 1pm. So we had an exciting day watching helicopters flying over and cops swarming all around. Rolla was literally at a stand still for about 4 hours.

If you want to read more information about it, here is a link to KRCG!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He's going to hate me when he is older!!!

Until then....ENJOY!!!

Hunter's New Ride!

Ah, when did he get so big? Tear...

Look at this evil face!

I'm Gonna Get You!!!

Look out for the swing set!

Rear View!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap and Week Ahead

Thursday Evening: Started to set up our stuff for our garage sale. I took Hunter over to my mom's house for the night so I didn't have to get him up really early in the morning to go set up the garage sale.

Friday: Was day 1 of our garage sale in Vienna. We particiated with over 40 other garage sales in town. We got up early and set everything up. I had to go work in Rolla, so I ran by a couple of other garage sales on my way. After work I picked Hunter up and we finished out the garage sale for the rest of the evening. Andy went with some friends to the Pub that night, so me and Hunter hung out at home and went to bed early!

Saturday: Last day of our garage sale and it was pouring rain when I got up. It rained until after 9am. We didn't have a customer until the rain stopped. Once the sun came out the people started showing up. Overall for the weekend we did pretty good. I still have a lot of stuff left over...mostly clothes. I will probably just donate them. That evening Andy, Hunter and I made a trip to Jeff City. We went to dinner at Colton's and then made a semi-small Wal-Mart trip!

Sunday: Mother's Day! We went for breakfast at Andy's aunt and uncles house. On the way home Hunter was dozing off in the truck so we went straight home instead of heading to my mom's house. After Hunter got up from his nap we went and gave my mom her mother's day gift. After we got home I helped Andy finish mowing the lawn while Hunter went on a four wheeler ride with Papa Donnie. Andy went to bed early because he had to go into work early so Hunter and I watched Celebrity Apprentice and played with trucks and tractors the rest of the evening!

This Week:

Monday: Hunter is staying with my mom for the day because the sitter is off for a state holiday.

Saturday: I have to work that morning. That afternoon we are having a family fishing day at my uncle Larry's lake house. That evening I've got a bachelorette party.

Sunday: We got an invite to go to the St. Louis Zoo. I am still up in the air if we will go or not.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead

Praise the Lord!
Thank you to all of our Troops!

If a shelf falls and no one is around...does it make a sounds?

I was in a hurry one morning and opened the hall closet to find this!

I guess the shelf couldn't stand the pressure of many coats, my wedding dress, some bridesmaid dresses and some boxes on top. Grrr!

Easter Pictures!

At the Easter Egg Hunt at the Bank, Hunter was scared to death of the Easter Bunny!!!

 This is the "I'm going rabbit hunting when I get home!" look
Hunter finally made his way into Jill's office. He had enough! He sat in there far away from the Easter Bunny and ate his sucker!

 Hunter won the drawing for the boy's Easter Basket. But there was NO WAY we were going to get him close to the Easter Bunny for a picture. So we distracted him while the Easter Bunny snuck his way around to get a picture.
 This is the Easter Basket that Hunter woke up to!
 Hunter cared more about the candy than anything!
 Oh yea...Chocolate!
 Look Mom, a camo easter egg!
 A Horse from Grandma Shanda!
 Oh Yea, more Candy!
 Lil' Liberty loving the chocolate bunny!
 Peeps, by the mouth full!