Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekend Recap and Week Ahead

First of all I want to apologize in my lack of posting. Its just been really busy lately!

Friday Evening: After work I went to go get Hunter at John & Beth's house. He had a play date with Troy. We hung out there for a couple of hours. After leaving their house, we drove through a terrible storm...Thunder, lightening striking closely on each side of the highway, raining so hard I could hardly see and then some pea sized hail. We were headed to our family fish fry. I got there and the sun was shinning. That's Missouri weather for you! We ate at the fish fry and played cards for awhile. We then went home and gave Hunter a bath because he was covered in mud from playing outside.

Saturday: I was off of work, but we had our Kid's Club Easter Egg Hunt at the bank. Hunter and I headed up there shortly before it was to start. Because of all the rain we were forced to cancel the actual hunt. We ended up dividing all the eggs up all everyone's gift bags. The Easter bunny was there as well and Hunter was scared to death!!!! So all the pictures I have of Hunter he looks really pissed off! Hunter is very much a people person, but he does not like people dressed as characters. So far he doesn't like the Easter Bunny, Santa and Clowns! Go Figure!

After the Easter Egg Hunt, my Uncle Dave and his daughters picked Hunter up and took him to the Zone in Rolla to play. Sounds like they had a really great time and they wore Hunter out. While Hunter was with them, I went to my scrapbooking party. I got a quite a few pages finished. Afterwards, I went and picked Hunter up and we headed to Donnie and Shanda's for Donnie's Birthday Party. We ate BBQ and played cards. Poor Hunter, we kept him up a little too late.

Sunday: We woke up and the Easter Bunny had left Hunter a basket of goodies. Candies, Bambi DVD and a music CD. All he cared about was the candy!!! We went to mass at our church in Argyle. Hunter did fantastic! I didn't even have to get out his bag for reinforcements (juice, snacks, toys). We then went back to Donnie and Shanda's where Hunter got an Easter basket from them. Then we went to Andy's Grandma's house for the Schwartze' Easter and ate breakfast. After that we headed to my grandparents house in Vienna. Hunter fell asleep along the way. It wasn't a long enough nap so he was super cranky! Therefore, we didn't get to stay very long. We went home and put Hunter down for a nap. I ended up taking a nap as well! It was a pretty exhausting weekend!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and that you remember the true meaning of the holiday!

Week Ahead:

Monday: We won a dinner at Pizza Hut. So we went to Jeff City and ate there while they gave up a fire safety presentation.

Tuesday: We had the presenter of the fire safety program come look at our house. I'll talk more about this later.

This weekend we don't have anything planned (that I can think of right now) other than I have to work Saturday morning. I am looking forward to catching up on my house cleaning and bumming around the house!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunny Bait!

Hunter and I made some goodies for his friends at daycare. We made bunny bait!
You'll need:
  • 2 Bags of Plain Popcorn
  • 1 Bag of Wilton Melting Chocolate
  • 1 Bag of M&Ms
  • Sprinkles

Monday, April 18, 2011

Talking Tom App

Weekend Recap and Week Ahead

Friday Evening I had to work late at the bank bank. Afterwards Hunter and I went to Donnie and Shanda's for a fish fry. Andy had to go help set up for our church's spring social, but he was eventually able to join us at the fish fry.

Saturday: My Dad's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! I had to work at the bank that morning. That evening, Andy and I went to my employee banquet at Matt's steakhouse in Rolla. It was a Las Vegas theme and what's Vegas without Elvis? Ya, they had an Elvis impersonator. OMG! We had great food and drinks and I received a pin for being at the bank for 10 years!!! Afterwards, Andy and I went and met some people at the local pub.

Sunday: We pretty well bummed around the house that morning. I then went to a 31 Bags party and ordered a few things. It was so hard to make a decision! I wanted so much and I was pressed for time, that I quickly made a decision that I am second guessing. I went wanting to get a purse but I walked away buying thermal (cooler) totes. I guess I will just have to buy a purse next time :) I then had to go work at the Church Spring Social cleaning dishes!! I know...I know...its a tuff job but someone has to do it! When my shift was over, Andy and Hunter met me down there so we could eat dinner together. When we got home, our contractor came over to go over cost details with building up on the house.

Once Again another busy weekend has come and gone!

Week Ahead:

Tuesday: Cardinal's Game!!!! And it is supposed to rain....CRAP!!! Please don't rain, please don't rain... These are the best seats we have ever had at a Cardinals game...Please Don't Rain!

Saturday: We have the Bank's Easter Egg Hunt and then I am going to my scrapbooking party afterwards for the remainder of the day!

Sunday: Easter Festivities!!! Also, Lent will be over!!! Meaning....BRING ON THE CAKE, COOKIES, AND REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER EGGS!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Craft/Scrapbooking Room!

One of the things I am most excited about building up is having a room to myself!!! I have completely neglected my desire to make and create stuff because I have no where to do it. When I do decide to do something, it gets spread out all over the kitchen table. Which requires me to get all of the stuff out, then it takes of the table for the duration of the time it takes me to complete the project and then I have to pack it all back up in my plastic containers. But, by having my own room I can have all of my stuff readily available, and then I can just close the door when I am not working on something and I will get my kitchen table back!So I have been googling ideas for how I want my craft room to look. Here are a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Concert Videos!

Reba Concert!!!

When planning to go to the concert, we decided we would arrive about a half an hour early to allow us enough time to find out seats. WELL...We ended up being a half an hour LATE!!!! We got stuck in traffic for an hour, along with everyone else going to the concert. It was insane!!! When we finally made it in the Mizzou Arena, LeAnn Womack was just finishing her last song! I couldn't believe we completely missed her! Next came out REBA!!! She is an amazing entertainer and I loved every minute of it! Plus, Melissa Peterman (AKA Barbara Jean from the Reba Show) made a special appearance. SHE IS SO FUNNY!!! Reba always concludes her show singing "Fancy" while wearing a red dress. She made it even more spectacular cruising out to the stage in a real TAXI!! Just like the music video for "Fancy."

Next came out George Strait! Damn, he is one good looking man!!!!! While I enjoy looking at him and enjoy listening to his music...the man about put me to sleep during the concert. Reba was just so up beat and running laps around the 360 degree stage, and then George came out and would stand at one corner of the stage, strum his guitar and sing his song....then he would go to the next corner of the stage, strum his guitar and sing his song. It was just really slow compared to Reba. He did get the crowd riled up after he had left the stage and people thought it was over, then he came back out and sang four more songs.

The whole concert ended up being 4.5 hours long!!! Well worth the money! I would go back again!

Here are some of my pictures!

 Singing "Does he Love You" with LeAnn Womack
 Melissa Peterman!

Weekend Recap and Week Ahead

We had a super busy weekend, something I can do without. It is going to take me a good week to recover.

Friday Evening: Hmmmm, what did I do Friday night??? DUH...REBA CONCERT!!! I'll post more details about this later!

Saturday: Hunter and I played out side for most of the morning. That evening I went to the Ladies Night Out in town hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. I had a good time. I was drawn to play Deal or No Deal!!! And walked away with 20 bucks!!! I'll take it!!! I had also entered a drawing for 31 Bags and won a gift certificate!! Sweet! I am on a winning streak!! After the ladies night I went to the local pub with some of my family. We had a lot of fun! The weather was perfect, so we hung out on the porch-deck most of the night.

Sunday: Hunter and I went to Lowe's to pick up some onions, peppers, broccoli for our garden. Andy planted it all when we got home. After Hunter got up from his nap we went to down to Donnie and Shanda's.

This week:

Not too much going on! Hopefully work will go back to normal.

Saturday I have my employee banquet at Matt's Steakhouse in Rolla! Yum!!

Sunday we have our Church's Spring Social.

And sometime this weekend, our contractor is coming over to discuss the details on building up on the house.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tonight's Concert!

This Woman

Plus This Man

Not to forget this Lady

And Possibly a Special Appearance by this Chick!



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mommy/Son Conversation!

Hunter: "Mommy, Wook...Wook"

Me: "Look at what?"

Hunter: "Wader"

Me: "Water? Where?"

Hunter: "Dere" (pointing at a puddle on the floor)

Me: "HUNTER!!! Did you pee on mommy's floor?"

Hunter: "Nooo"

Me: " don't pee-pee on the floor. You pee-pee in the potty"

Hunter: "Oh Tay"

His punishment....I made him clean it up!
Hunter: "EEEwww"

The Struggles of Teaching a Toddler to Count!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I WON!!!

I knew there was a reason I graciously let someone else win the biggest loser this month because...
 I won 4 tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals Game
at work for something completely unrelated. At work if you do something "Above and Beyond" you can get entered into a drawing for random prizes each month. I happened to win a FANTASTIC prize!!! The seats we got are great!!! They are along the 3rd base line behind the opposing teams dugout! Sweet!!! I Can't wait!!!

Biggest Loser Conclusion!

On Monday I weighed in for the last time for the Biggest Loser competition at work. I can't believe it is already over. I feel like we should have went at least another month. I did....OK! I think I could have done better. I got third place overall. I lost 10.2lbs the first month, gained 1.6lbs for the second month (Thank you Mexico) and lost 3.4lbs for the third month. I nearly won the 3rd month...actually I could have won on a technicality (meaning the guy who won was actually on vacation on Monday when we weighed in. So he weighed in prior on Friday. So there was the whole debate...does his weight count because who's to say he wouldn't have gained weight over the weekend and I would have won). BUT me being a nice person...decided to let the other guy have it. Wow, being a nice person just cost me $200. Anyway, I ended up losing a total of 12lbs (8.26%). Not bad!

I probably didn't go about my diet the correct way. I can honestly say I didn't work out hardly at all. I mostly focused on eating healthy and portion control. Believe it or not, I actually weigh now what I weighed in high school. Obviously, I don't have the same body I had in high school. I have lost a lot of muscle. It is very true that muscle weighs for than fat...But takes up less space!!! I am living proof of that.

So, even though the competition is over I am going to commit myself to sticking with it. Now that the weather is finally warmer, hopefully I can start running again!

Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap & Week Ahead

Friday Evening: We attended our weekly fish fry!

Saturday: I worked that morning and then I went to a local craft show. I didn't buy too much, even though I really wanted to. Afterwards, I went and picked Hunter up from Shanda's. He was fresh up from a nap and anxious to play. We went home and Hunter instantly wanted to play outside. He literally played outside for about 4 hours on Saturday. I probably pushed him on the swing for about 45 minutes. The rest of the time he played in the gravel with all of his trucks, splashed around in the one water puddle in the driveway, threw rocks in the drive-over and moo'd at the cows. I wish I had his energy...I was exhausted just watching him. We were loving the nice weather this weekend.

That evening after Andy returned home, we made a trip to Pizza Hut! We went to the same one that we had a bad experience at a few weeks ago. This time was much different. The service was excellent!

Sunday: I cleaned the house and did some laundry. Hunter went and helped Andy on the farm for awhile and then came home for some lunch and a nap. He was so tired, it didn't take long to him to go down for his nap. Later on, Kevin dropped Kelly off and picked Hunter up so we could go running. Oh my, it has been a long time since I had been running...and it kicked my butt! I survived to tell about it, but it defiantly put the spark in me to do some more Cardio. Afterwards, we went for BBQ at Donnie & Shanda's and finished the night up by watching the ACM awards!

Week Ahead:

Work is going to be super crazy this week. There have been some major staff changes in our insurance department and the guy I work directly with is on vacation this week. There is a lot going one and few people to handle the load!

Andy is working a lot of overtime this week.

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday.


Saturday: I have a bridal shower to attend and I am also going to the Ladies Night Out hosted by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.