Monday, June 29, 2009

My Baby is 9 Months Old!

Honestly where does the time go?

Hunter turned nine months old last Thursday. He had his check up at the doctor on Friday. Here are his stats:

Height: 28 inches (50%)

Weight: 22 lbs 3 oz (75%)

Head: 48? (Off the charts!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3 Years!

Today is our 3 year wedding anniversary!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hunter's New Eating Technique!

Hunter was cracking me up while he was eating last night. He kept on sticking his tongue out like a cow!

Weekend Recap

Friday evening we had a fish fry down at Donnie and Shanda's and afterwards Andy and I headed down to Argyle to play some sand volleyball. It was so hot and sticky but then the rain came rolling in to cool us off.

I had to work Saturday morning, but afterwards I headed home to do some house cleaning. That evening we headed to Kevin and Kelly's house to hang out for awhile and hear how their float trip went that day.

Father's Day: We had a big family get together down at Donnie and Shanda's. We fried fish and turkey. All the kid's really enjoyed playing in the pool, while all the adults were trying to find some sort of shade to stay cool. Afterwards we headed over to Mom and Tim's house to give Tim his father's day gift. By that point Hunter was exhausted and ready to go home for well was I.

Once again it was a busy weekend that flew by way too fast!

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Hunter giving Andy his Father's Day card!

Hunter's monkey version of feeding himself!

Hunter ready and excited to get in the pool!

Hunter splashing away! He loved his was perfect for him!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hunter's Future!

We always get so many comments on Hunter's curly hair, and here is proof of where it comes from. This is a picture of me when I was young. Please no laughing!


I know...I know I have completely neglected my blog. But to make it up to you I have posted some more recent pictures of Hunter! Enjoy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Plans

As far as I know this evening we don't have anything going on. It will probably just be a good evening to spend outside.

Tomorrow I have to work until noon...bummer! Then maybe Hunter and I will go spend some time in Shanda's pool. I believe that night we are going to Argyle to play some sand volleyball.

Sunday I have a baby shower to go to in Jeff City.

Sometime this weekend I would like to run to Columbia to go to Sam's that have a HUGE inflatable island that I would like to buy for our family float trips on the Osage. I saw it there a couple of months ago so I am afraid they might be sold out by now. Check it out!

Cell Phones

Today is the official day that Andy and I can upgrade our cell phones. To anyone out there with AT&T, don't go to their stores to get your phones.....Go to Wal-Mart!!! They are super cheap there which makes me realize how much AT&T is making in the end. I know they are making a lot of money off of me because Andy and I have the cheapest family plan and only use a small fraction of our minutes.

I really like the slider phones with the full key pads, but I really don't text that much. In the end, I really just want something that won't cost me an arm and a leg and that has good reception. Whatever happened to the old bulky Nokia phones...those phones worked anywhere.

I have no clue what kind of phone to get Andy. I should get him one of those newer flip phones that are heavy duty and can survive anything he may do to it. But the down side is, he finally found a camo phone case that clips onto his belt that fits his razor phone perfectly. So I would like to find a phone that is a similar size so that he can still use his case.

The only downfall about Wal-Mart is they have a limited selection. But I am sure I can come up with something for Andy and I.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


"Thursday, June 04, 2009 at 7:54 a.m. KRCG COLE COUNTY -- More layoffs are coming at one of Jefferson City’s largest employers. The ABB plant's human resources manager confirmed the company is cutting another 25 full-time hourly employees. He said the cuts were prompted by the sluggish housing market and fewer custom orders for transformers. He also said those getting pink slips have the least seniority and will be recalled if business picks up. The latest cuts reduce the ABB work force to 595 employees."

Well, it is official...Andy is being laid off! ABB lays off by seniority and he was number 23 of the 25. His last day of work will be next Friday the 12th. It is just so crazy to think that Andy has worked there for 10 years and is still being laid off. You know we figured it was going to happen eventually because of the down turn of the economy, but it still makes it extremely hard when it finally happens. We are losing our health insurance, dental insurance and Andy's life insurance...not to forget his income. I know things are going to be tuff, but we will pull through and hopefully the economy will turn around and he will be called back...Hopefully!