Thursday, October 6, 2011

House Progress

Here are some pictures of the house as of last night.
We still have a large window that will be above the porch, directly above the large window below the porch. It will make since when all is done (especially from the inside view). 

This is the large living area, with the master bed/bath/closet to the right.

Here is a view from the Masterbed room looking into the living area. Across the room is the hall that goes to the nursery, Hunter's room, a bathroom and my craft room.

Hunter's Birthday Party!

On Saturday, we had Hunter's 3rd Birthday party. It all came together pretty smoothly. Hunter had a great time and is loving all the gifts that he received.

Here is the cake. Too cute! A girl I used to work with in Rolla opened her own bakery called Sweet Thangs. It is on Pine Street in Rolla if you are interested. I found a similar photo online and she was able to recreate it for us. I thought it turned out great! Hunter loved it!
I got all the kids a hard hat with their name on it and a tool belt. 
Andy, doing what he does best!!! 
 Hunter in the midst of opening his presents.
 Yes, that is a drum set!! Compliments of my brother!! Its ok, he will have kids one day :) Payback is a....well you know! Besides the point, Hunter LOVES it! Plays it every night and to be honest, he is pretty good!

 A tool set that he uses to help work on the house.
 Testing out the drums.
 The drums were a big hit!
 Andy and I got Hunter a Beta fish. He loved it as well. Notice in his hands, he has a guitar. That is from my mom and step dad. Our house hasn't been quite since.
 Here is sweet Liberty wearing her hard hat and tool belt.
 Laney trying out the drums.
 Hunter with his cake. I believe he blew out his candle 3 times before we actually finished the whole Happy Birthday song.
We had a great time and we're so thankful for our wonderful family coming to share in the celebration with us.