Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Harley Davidson Baby Shower

A couple weeks ago, I helped host a baby shower for my brother and his wife Annelise. They are expecting a baby boy in December...well that is when he is due. But looks like he will possibly be making an earlier appearance :)

My brother is a huge motorcycle/Harley Davidson fan, so what better theme than that?

Here is the lovely couple.

Typical Ryan...

The cake was made by a local lady.

I bought these cute Harley shoes for the cake topper.

A bit of the Decor

He already has his first leather jacket.

I made this motorcycle diaper cake. I thought it turned out pretty cute.

It was a co-ed baby shower. So we had a great turnout.

Here Ryan is showing off his manly personalized diaper bag.

Poor Ryan looks so overwhelmed and they were just getting started.

Getting more in the spirit.

A little cardinals hat.

Love this sleeper. It says "Bear Cheeks"

An afghan my mom made

This piggy bank was hand painted. what you can't hardly tell is on the back it says "Hollis"
It is an exactly replica of Ryan's tattoo that he has on his back. How creative!

They made a haul. Two vehicles full of goodies. They are all set! I can't wait for my little nephew to get here!!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Through the Eyes of my Cell Phone.

I have a couple weeks worth. Look past the quality of the photos and enjoy the randomness :) I apologize for the sideways/upside down photos. I am too incompetent to figure out how to turn them. Happy Friday Everyone!

This one is complements of Hunter's photography skills.

My boys...It is amazing how much they love each other!

Well....Most of the time :)

Hunter can't be my kid. Look...he is eating plain corn flakes cereal. Not Frosted...just plain. Where is the sugar, where are the marshmallows? The only reason these were in the house was to put on top of the potato casserole.

Here's my hard drive all packed up for its trip to Texas for open read/write head surgery!

An "Old McDonalds" stop along the way to Nebraska.

Never know what you will see in the trunk of someone's car!

Here is our group picture on the train at the zoo.

Back to Hunter's photography.

Here he told me to be angry!

A girl at work made a kitty litter cake. Wow, was it real looking. The poo was made out of tootsie rolls. I couldn't eat them...too real for me!

My baby had a fever :(

So I took him to the doctor. All he wanted to do was sleep. He fell asleep my arms while we were waiting. He NEVER does this, so you know he wasn't feeling good.

A guy I work with went to a retirement party at one of our other branches. We asked that he bring us some back. I made my request more details. "Hold the Cake...just bring me icing" And that he did! Yummy!

I took this picture on the way to work by the airport. I don't know if there was sometime of training going on, but there were airplanes everywhere. They were too high to see the actual planes, but you could watch their trial going all over the sky. This particular one in the middle was literally going straight up.

life rearranged