Friday, December 7, 2012

First Bus Ride

The sucky part of working out of town means I am not closely and/or easily available to my kids. With Hunter's speech therapy, it has required me to rely on other people to get him to and from speech. My mother-in-law (who works at the school) has graciously volunteered to go pick Hunter up at daycare and bring him to the school for his therapy. We've timed it right that shortly after his therapy the preschool bus arrives to take home the morning students, thus taking Hunter back to daycare. It works great!

But, I HATE it! I want to be there for my son. I want to take him to and from therapy. I wanted to see him get on the school bus for the first time. (He has been excited for this moment...forever).

Corney as it is, I was able to get my brother-in-law (who also works at the school) to take pictures of Hunter's first time getting on the bus.

Here he is coming out of the preschool building

First Time Getting on the bus :) From what I hear...he LOVED it!

Putting on his seat belt.

UGH....I wanted to be there so bad!!!


Life is Wonderful said...

Why can't we all be stay at home moms?! : )

I hate all the stuff I'll miss too.

CourtneySue15 said...

I feel for you. I dread going back to work.